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Vision, mission and goals


The college seriously contributes to building the process of higher education to integrate with its other Iraqi universities, to build a superior society, and graduate a generation that is aware and believes in higher values and in a way that contributes to the radiance of knowledge and illuminated the path in front of our dear students who are waiting for their country to contribute to its march, its progress, and its development.


The college is a new scientific edifice added to the governorate of Maysan in spreading knowledge and aims to advance the scientific and practical side to prepare specialized scientific staff to meet the need of economic projects in the country. 


1. Developing and improving the quality of educational and research processes, community service, sustainable development, and evaluation of work mechanisms through review reports of higher management.

2. Promote the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking in the production, development, and dissemination of knowledge, and the rehabilitation of specialized human resources to achieve the goals and needs of society.

3. Developing students' cognitive, intellectual, and innovative skills and communicating with them through a mixture of theoretical and applied studies that qualify them to acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques and applied skills needed by the labor market by providing advanced scientific, research, and computer laboratories, in addition to equipping the classrooms with modern technologies. 

4. Opening scientific, humanitarian and applied departments to serve the community.