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#Paper NameResearcherDepartmentMagazinePublish DateNotes
1Hydrostatic Training and Characterization of Near Stoichiometric Ni-Mn-Ga AlloyDr. Saliha Mohammed Petroleum Engineering DepartmentScopas27/3/2020
2Numerical study of cuttings transport of nanoparticle-based drilling fluidDr. Murtadha Saadoon Mohammed Petroleum Engineering DepartmentCalvert3/1/2020 اسم المجلة : Engineering Reports / Volume 2, Issue 5
3The role of banks in protecting documentary credit from fraudDr. Maher Al-Saeed Muhammad Law DepartmentJournal of Jurisprudence and Legal Studies - Sultanate of Oman7/7/2020
4The Pliocene-Recent Euphrates river system: Sediment architecture as an analogue for subsurface reservoirsAmer Ali Damen Petroleum Engineering DepartmentScopas 10/8/2019
5IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringDr. Hadeel Saleh Mahdi Mechanical Power Technical Engineering Department
Scopas 5/4/2019
6Erosion Corrosion of Drill Pipe During Drilling Operations
Dr. Murtadha Saadoon Mohammed
Petroleum Engineering DepartmentScopas
7Review on the Natural Gas in Iraq, Currently and Future Prospects for Improving the Economic and Environmental Situation
Mr. Dheyaa Jumaah Jasim
Petroleum Engineering DepartmentScopas
8Analysis and National Solution for CO2 Gas in Missan Oil Field Manuscript
Mr. Dheyaa Jumaah Jasim
Petroleum Engineering DepartmentScopas
9Conditional settlement and ways for the bank to recover the value of the credit
Dr. Maher Al-Saeed Muhammad
Law Departmentinternational27/4/2021
10The eligibility of applying e-learning for physical education teachers in the southern region under the Corona pandemic
Mr. Moqdad Basheer Hussein
Accounting Departmentinternational16/7/2021