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Quality Assurance Division

The Division works to implement the educational quality assurance system in all the college’s educational and research activities and other activities to ensure the provision of high quality academic programs and to obtain excellence in this field, as the Quality Assurance and University Performance Division at the College is directly linked to the Deanship, which is the directly responsible for following up on the work and tasks it undertakes within the college.. The division works to raise the level of academic performance within the international standards of university work. 

Division goals:

The Quality Assurance Division at the College seeks to achieve a set of goals, the most important of which are: .

1. Preparing and collecting data related to evaluating the performance of the college

2. Preparing a file for the evaluation of teachers and senior leaders and personnel files.

3. Preparing the files of courses, resumes, research and studies and submitting them to the college.

4. Spreading the culture of quality assurance and college performance through holding seminars and workshops.

The tasks of the division are explained as follows:

Division files: