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Medical Devices Technical Engineering Department

Head of the department speech.

Dr. Kamal Gasim Albdeery

On behalf of myself and the faculty and staff in the Department, I would like to welcome you to the official website of the College.
Our department was established in 2020 as an educational institution in the field of medical devices technologies in Iraq. Our department belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Technical Education Authority.

I believe that every student who comes to college comes with a dream for a promising future and we are ready to help every student build this dream from the first day of joining our department and help him to be able to make a difference and radical change in his community and this is what we are working to devote in those who have passion And creativity and ambition. All this describes our spirit and culture in the Department of Medical Device Technologies at the College. We strive and work hard to achieve excellence in the field of engineering and education to reach effective medical care for all people.

 Our vision: The institute will be a leading technical educational institution in providing high quality programs that are concomitant with the scientific development of knowledge and technical skills in various countries of the world.
Our mission: To embody the ethics of technical education by providing high-quality technical education that seeks to develop human knowledge and skills that are compatible with the changes taking place in the environment and society.
Our goals:
1. Achieving international standards in medical and health technical education.

2. Accommodating the development taking place in the field of work through health and keeping pace with the change in the techniques used in the curative and preventive environment.
3. Preparing an engineering cadre with qualified knowledge and skills to deal with the technical development taking place in the field of work and the global environment

4. Providing the ideal environment as much as possible to achieve the optimal state of learning 
5. Emphasis on self-respect and respect for others.
6. Keeping abreast of the development taking place in the various branches of the medical and health engineering specialization.
7. Emphasis on respect for the sober university traditions and the sanctification of the profession and its etiquette.

Vision, mission and goals


Qualifying distinguished and innovative competencies scientifically, skillfully, and behaviorally in the field of medical equipment technology and keeping pace with the corresponding departments in reputable international universities by providing community services by providing the latest study programs to create an advanced academic environment.

The department seeks to be one of the distinguished departments in Iraq and to be known for its scientific and global sobriety, its distinguished education and scientific research that leads to the advancement of knowledge and community service by providing continuous technical support and graduating efficient cadres to support the community. 


The mission of the Department is to provide an educational, technical and research environment for students through modern educational programs and curricula that demonstrate the importance of this specialization. Providing scientific curricula, practical laboratories, and advanced applied research to simulate the needs of the labor market, openness to health institutions, and contribute to improving the health situation at the international and regional levels.

That the student learns at each academic stage different and most important curricula and skills related to various practical and scientific sectors, which shows the importance of this specialization.



Providing the student with a scientific and applied skill that enables him to diagnose the resulting malfunctions in medical devices.

Preparing qualified engineers who have the ability to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of medical devices and provide them with the necessary skills to develop and modernize medical devices.

To give the graduate the ability to have detailed knowledge of all modern technologies in the field of medical device engineering.

Providing students with sufficient skill to make the necessary updates regarding medical devices.

Vertical expansion towards the creation of a postgraduate program to obtain master's and doctoral degrees.

Installing and operating various electronic and electromechanical medical devices, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Contributing and supervising the maintenance, and calibration of various medical devices.

Design, development and attempt to find alternatives for some parts related to medical devices.

Scheduling and programming periodic maintenance work.

Work to enhance performance standards, including the application of international standards in the field of technical education.

Keeping abreast of developments in the curriculum.

Strengthening the links between the college and all segments of society.

Openness and communication with the corresponding scientific institutions inside and outside the country.




Department in brief

As a result of the wide scientific and technological development that included many disciplines, specifically the branches classified within the technical engineering specialization, including Medical Devices Technical Engineering Department, where this department specializes in studying the human body from anatomy and physiology from the engineering side specifically. Where after the doctor was tasked with diagnosing the disease and determining the treatment. 

This Department came to help him in defining his duties, so the medical staff became an assistant to the doctor in all steps, from diagnosis to the end of treatment.

The approval of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research obtained the creation of this Department and the study began in the academic year 2020-2021.

Teaching Staff

م.د. كمال جاسم شعلان

رئيس القسم

Ms. Abrrar Ameen Muhammed

مقرر القسم

Dr. Khaled Haseeb Sayel


Dr. Salah Ahmed Helmy


Dr. Mohamed Nagy Saad


Dr. AbdulKarim Ibrahim AbdulKarim


Dr. Hadeel Saleh Mahdi


Mr. Mohamed Karim Mohamed


Mr. Mortada Saadoun Blasim


Mr. Sadiq Hasj Hassan


Ms. Raghad Saeed Hassan


Mr. Star Mozan Hassan


نوع الدراسة والحدود الدنيا (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

(scientific - applied - biological) 59.5%
(industry) 62.5%

Evening Studies

(scientific - applied - biological) 57.5%
(industry) 60.5%

الاجور الدراسية السنوية (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

3,500,000 IQD

Evening Studies

3,500,000 IQD