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Mechanical Power Technical Engineering Department

Head of the department speech.

Asst. prf. Dr. Abdulhussein Hareeja

In the name of God 

I am pleased to welcome you to the Department, which is one of the departments of the Al-Amarah University Collage, which was established with the beginning of the college's establishment in 2017. The department grants a bachelor’s degree in mechanical power engineering techniques that qualifies its holder to work in many applied fields, including mechanical construction and construction, systems maintenance, the petroleum industry, mechanical operation laboratories and workshops, power plants, the automobile industry and the construction of cooling and air-conditioning systems…etc. In implementing the educational program, the department relies on a highly qualified specialized teaching and technical staff, while providing all material requirements, including equipment and scientific laboratories equipped with the latest scientific equipment and from solid international origins. 

The department emphasizes, among its priorities, to provide students with basic skills and knowledge that meet the needs of the labor market and in all the disciplines referred to above. Ensuring the promotion of a culture of creativity, innovation and self-learning among students in response to the rapid developments in modern technologies. The department also seeks, within the overall policy, to establish the best relations with the corresponding faculties and departments, departments and engineering institutions inside and outside Iraq through mutual visits, seminars and conferences held or attended by the department’s affiliates. The department is also keen to provide scientific visits and engineering training for its students inside and outside Iraq in various engineering institutions. I welcome you to visit our department and receive your opinions and comments in developing its performance.

With God Success

Vision, mission and goals


The Department was established in 2018, due to the country's urgent need for technical engineers in The specialization of Power Mechanics Engineering in order to keep pace with the scientific and technological development taking place in this field. 




1- Preparing and graduating an engineering cadre that achieves the main technical and knowledge requirements to be an engineering resource And a high-quality technician in the field of power mechanics
2- Consolidating the principle of participation in society to spread the culture of technical education and its applications.
3- Graduating scientific teams with confident skill and understanding in the field of manufacturing, repair, control and maintenance of equipment related
4- Organizing training and rehabilitation courses by an efficient cadre with the participation of the department’s students to engage in the labor market.
5- Strengthening scientific and administrative relations with scientific and administrative faculties with scientific and engineering faculties the debate, as well as ministries, industrial companies and the rest of the relevant institutions regarding the needs of teaching, rehabilitation and development of education programs. 
6- Laying down and developing all scientific and administrative plans and curricula necessary to achieve the above paragraphs and according to required and follow-up feedback to the work of the plan or curriculum department.


1- Knowing, understanding and studying the economic feasibility of projects in the field of competence.

2- The ability to diagnose faults and supervise maintenance and repair work.

3- The ability to participate specialists in conducting research in the field of rationalizing energy consumption and finding alternatives in the field of competence.

4- Dealing with modern examination devices and equipment and diagnosing faults in the field of competence

Department in brief

Mechanical engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering in terms of the diversity and abundance of its important applications in the field of engineering our daily life. Through their work within these applications, mechanical engineers have been able to efficiently they actively contribute to the development and development of human life…

 Perhaps one of the most important of these applications that can be mentioned, on example, but not limited to, air conditioning and refrigeration, power generation and transmission, land, water and air transportation, liftingا, mechanical equipment, steam boilers, heat exchangers, networks and pipelines andWarehouses, nuclear reactors, medical engineering and equipment, project service engineering and environmental pollution and its equipment, vibration and noise engineering, automobile engineering, turbine engines, space exploration,Exploring the seas, and other applications...

The bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, which is awarded by the mechanical engineering departments to the student, is the entrance For the graduate to a future professional, technical, artistic or academic life that requires him to invest and harness what he has learned throughout Years of study in dealing with the various applications that he will encounter. And the important thing is to focus accordingly, this certificate granted to the student does not mean that he has become a successful mechanical engineer, but rather this Certification means that he can become a successful engineer if he makes good use of the scientific method of engineering thinking The organizer that he learned and the storage of the engineering information he gained during the study period…

 We here in the Department are trying seriously, effectively and efficiently to adhere to this philosophy, and to achieve Including what we can in light of the available human and material capabilities, our goal in this is to graduate engineering cadres Efficiency that, through its interaction with society and state departments, is able to serve the country in various fields that can be to absorb them, especially the applications mentioned above.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Abdul Hussein Harija Rafeesh

رئيس القسم

Mr. Karrar Khudair Abdulhussein

مقرر القسم

Dr. Saleh Hamida Muhammad


Dr. Ali Fawzy AbdulKarim Hamid


Dr. Mohamed Rashad Mohamed


Mr. Hamid Nada Hamid


Mr. Mortada Allawi Rahima


Mr. Murtadha Saeed Muhammed


Dr. Kazem Mujbel Mashloush


Mr. Ali Kazem Taher


Mr. Ali Khalaf Taher


Dr. Taghreed Abdul Karim Abdul Hussein


Mr. Hussein Rahim Hussein


نوع الدراسة والحدود الدنيا (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

(scientific - applied - biological) 59.5%
(industry) 62.5%

Evening Studies

(scientific - applied - biological) 57.5%
(industry) 60.5%

الاجور الدراسية السنوية (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

3,250,000 IQD

Evening Studies

3,400,000 IQD