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Law Department

Head of the department speech.

ا.م.د ماهر السعيد محمد

With great pride and honor I am honored to be responsible for heading the Department of Law, expressing my sincere appreciation and respect for the great efforts made in the performance of this college by all the teaching professors and staff. I extend my warmest greetings to our dear students, wishing everyone success and academic excellence to serve our dear country.

And when we review the scientific and educational march of the College since its establishment in 2017, we all hope to offer what we can of serious and diligent work and in the spirit of a single work team in order to contribute to the educational and scientific construction of this college, which is one of the tributaries of university education in Iraq. It contributes to the desired development of Maysan Governorate, which deserves to make efforts by strengthening the educational, scientific, social and economic development of this city and our beloved Iraq, to work together in a sincere brotherly spirit in order to build the edifice of this esteemed college, wishing everyone all progress and development and success from God.

Vision, mission and goals


The Law Department works hard to be one of the most important tributaries of science and knowledge in the country in the field of legal and Sharia sciences. It also works to build generations armed with science and legal knowledge, legal institutions and liberal professions in local, regional and international communities, raising the head of the nation high in the forums. International is able to manage international negotiations for the country's supreme interest.




- Notifying the student or law student of the importance of what he studies because almost all aspects of life are governed by law.
- Spreading the culture of establishing justice and protecting the rights and legal positions of individuals.
- Preparing a distinguished generation equipped with theoretical and applied legal knowledge in various branches of law.
- Providing students with mental skills and the ability to criticize, analyze and think legally, as well as the ability to deal with various legal and judicial applications.
- The rules of law necessarily express logic. What agrees with the law agrees with logic and vice versa.
- Refining the students' legal personality and building their self-confidence by providing them with the ability to communicate with the latest scientific technologies and spreading the spirit of communication. 
- Contribute to solving societal issues through legal research based on innovation and creativity.
- Motivating students and encouraging them to learn legal by introducing them to honorable models of public figures studying law.



1- Providing advanced study programs that keep pace with global scientific developments.

2- Providing a distinct and appropriate educational environment to ensure a high level of education.

3- Extensive use of information technology and the provision of excellent quality laboratories and equipment.

4- Choosing a faculty with high scientific qualifications and developing them through research and conferences.

5 Supporting new research and encouraging creativity through rewards.

6- Enhancing cooperation and exchange of scientific expertise between the university and government universities in Iraq, and between them and the private and governmental universities of Arab and foreign countries.

7- Follow up on the latest scientific developments in the field of university departments and benefit from them at the level of professors and students. 

8- Holding specialized scientific conferences locally, regionally and globally, motivating professors to participate in the main conferences of the Ministry of Higher Education, which it holds annually, and participating in conferences of Iraqi universities, universities and private colleges in Iraq, as well as regional and international conferences. 

9- Developing teaching methods through the electronic blackboard and means of illustration, trying to move away from traditional methods of teaching, motivating students to brainstorm creativity and abolishing the paternalistic method of indoctrination while supplementing the library with the latest scientific resources annually. 

10 - Inviting visiting professors to raise the scientific and research level of the university and to form productive and fruitful scientific ties and bonds.

Department in brief

The Law Department was established in 2017, pursuant to Ministerial Order No. (TAH / C 8683 on 11/1921/2017), which obtained the establishment license pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 358 of 2017.

Duration of study (4 years) The graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree in law and has the right to apply for postgraduate studies in all colleges to obtain a master’s degree and has the right to practice law in Iraq and the world.

 The Law Department seeks to make the graduate an academic specialist in legal sciences, like his fellow graduates of the Faculty of Law in reputable Iraqi universities, and he has a full awareness of the importance of law in the life of Iraqi society and other societies and countries in the Arab world and the international community in accordance with scientific contexts and what has been approved by the Arab and international organization such as UNESCO and UNICEF for Education and Culture and sciences according to academic and scientific courses.

The department sought twinning with the Faculty of Law at the University of Maysan with regard to curricula, vocabulary and variables approved by the Deans’ Board in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Teaching Staff

م.د.ماهر السعيد محمد

رئيس القسم

Mr. Ghaith Ayob Yossif

مقرر القسم

Prof. Dr. Hamid Hassan Taher


Dr. Ayman Jaafar Taha


Dr. Maher Al-Saeed Muhammad


Dr. Ali Abdel-Zahra Safi


Mr. Ahmed Qassem Shia


Dr. AbdulKarim Abdul Samad Ghalib


Tabark Najem Abd


Mr. Sajad Khaled AbdelRahman


Ms. Zeina Samir Hashem


Mr. Bahaa Abed Shati


نوع الدراسة والحدود الدنيا (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

(scientific - literature - applied - biological) 56.5%

Evening Studies

(scientific - literature - applied - biological) 54.5%

الاجور الدراسية السنوية (2021 - 2022)

Morning Studies

1,000,000 IQD

Evening Studies

1,000,000 IQD