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Information Technology Division

Information technology, with its advanced tools, is very important, and nothing has affected Human life since the industrial revolution, as it has been affected by information technology It has become indispensable in lives of peoples, institutions and countries, and transformation of world is witnessing Accelerated technical and successive developments in the field of computer hardware, software, and communication and its means, this huge amount of information that grows and moves among the countries of the world, which made information technology an important tool in organizations and modern business has become a requirement for organizations of all kinds and sizes to keep pace this tremendous technical progress, if its goal is to survive in the environment of competition, the world has entered an era of advanced state that has no limits, in which information technology plays the role of the carriers of this progress which has become a hallmark of this era.

With this introduction, the Information Technology Division is an integral part of the educational system in all its departments, as it provides technological and technical support to all scientific and administrative departments in the College. In the following, we will explain the tasks of the Information Technology Division:

The college website is the main interface for every person coming to the college from the wide internet portal, so the task of publishing content and managing the website is one of the most important tasks of the Information Technology Division. Also hosting it on the college servers and keeping it under the scope of Iraqi education ( and solving any problem related to the website, updating it and adding any new requirements in line with the development in the educational system. Our college website (

The servers hosting the website, the e-mail server, and any newly developed electronic system are also an important part of the tasks of the Information Technology Division. Therefore, working on managing, maintaining and developing them is an important work that requires the Division to maintain the work of its hosted content from a website, e-mail server and any educational system hosted on it.

Generating and maintaining e-mail under the college domain ( for professors, students, and scientific and administrative departments. And maintaining the college server for e-mail hosted on the college's servers.

Maintaining and developing the college computers for the scientific and administrative departments and computer laboratories, and installing the required programs for the progress and development of work. 

Hosting and installing any new electronic system on the college servers or computers to ensure the development in the education sector of educational programs and systems.