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Exam Dates for Medical Devices Technology Engineering Department



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1- The full name must be written in Arabic
2- Placing a clear white background image (transactional image)
3- Answers are sent exclusively during the class room of the exam and it is not acceptable to send answers in other ways.
4- Commitment to join the classes for each student, otherwise the student is deprived of taking exams.
5- Commitment to the time of the exam and the time of submitting the answers within the prescribed time.
6- Creating a suitable atmosphere for the exam, especially the subject of the Internet, and any problem due to the interruption of the Internet. The department and the professor are not responsible for this case.
7- In order to avoid interruption of the exam if the mobile device is used due to incoming calls or messages, the flight mode must be activated and then Wi-Fi is turned on. 
8- Wearing the appropriate uniform for the exam, due to the possibility of opening a camera while performing the exam.
9- Attempting to cheat and the similarity of the answers is considered a failure and the student is deprived of performing the rest of the exams.
10- When answering the white paper, use one side of the paper and write with a blue or black ballpoint pen
11- The date and subject of the exam must be confirmed.
12- In the event that there is an official holiday that coincides with the exam day, the subject is postponed until the end of the exams and the above schedule continues

((The student who violates the above instructions bears full responsibility))