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Administrative Affairs Division

The Administrative Division is one of the most important divisions in the college and is linked to the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs. It deals with all administrative matters related to the college.

The organizational structure of the administrative division:
The Administrative Division, according to the organizational structure of the College consists of the following units:

  • Incoming and outgoing papers unit:
    It is concerned with the process of issuing official books related to the college's official correspondence with other offices, as well as the process of receiving the college's official mail from universities and other offices and recording it in an official record in preparation for its distribution to departments, divisions and units of the college after being informed of it by the college administration and directing it according to specialization.
  • HR Unit:
    Completing all employee transactions, including faculty members and employees, and following up the staffing and updating it according to the changes that occur to it.
    Completing all administrative matters related to official correspondence with other authorities and working as a link channel between the college with its various departments, people and units with other universities and various state institutions, and managing and organizing internal and external mail.
    Follow up the validity of the issuance of academic documents and certificates.

Division goals: 

  • Completing all transactions related to the affairs of teachers and staff.
  • Completing all transactions related to the administration of the college.
  • Upgrading the level of management in a manner befitting the level of quality.
  • Providing the best services to the teaching staff and employees in higher education.