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Al-Amarah University College was established in 2017, in connection with Cabinet Decision No. 358 of 2017, where the Council of Ministers decided in its regular 42nd session held on 10/31/2017 to approve granting the founding license for the college to be based in Maysan Governorate / Al-Amarah City / Northern Entrance to the governorate in order to expand The Department of Higher Education in Maysan and Iraq. The establishment of the college aims to establish a scientific and civilized edifice that contributes to the preparation of a specialized scientific cadre, who takes an important and effective course in building and developing Iraq’s modern renaissance, as well as providing educational opportunities for the citizen to play his role in society, preparing the future generation and ensuring his chances of living.

When the college was established, the college included four departments: (Petroleum Engineering, Power Mechanics Engineering, Law and Accounting) and due to the increasing developmental requirements of the province, which imposed on the College to expand in terms of the number of students and its scientific staff, and to extend the scope of its scientific activity to all districts and cities of Maysan Governorate, the college was created (7) departments (medical device technology engineering and dental industry technology, electrical power technology engineering, Department of Pharmacy, Department of English, Department of Chemical engineering, Department of petroleum industries & oil and gas economics) in the main site of the college in order to spread knowledge throughout the province so that the number of departments is (11) with different scientific disciplines, and the college seeks to develop new departments to keep pace with the labor market in Governorate of Maysan.

Since its establishment, the College has been responding quickly to all requirements and development plans by increasing the number of students accepted in all disciplines. The college also seeks to attract distinguished teaching cadres from Iraqi universities as well as from international universities to form the basic basis for this prestigious scientific edifice.