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A teacher at the Al-Amarah University College obtains a patent for a water-cooled diesel engine air-cooling system

Dr. Abdul-Hussein Hamid Hurayja, Head of Mechanical Power Technical Engineering Department, with the participation of a group of qualified professors at the Central Technical University, obtained a patent for a water-cooled diesel engine air-cooling system.
The idea of the device is to cool the air entering diesel engines, especially engines of emissions of polluting gases to the environment, as cooling the air by water (heat exchanger) will increase the percentage of oxygen entering the engine and thus improve the combustion of diesel fuel, which reduces gases harmful to the environment, especially the environment of residential areas,
It is also mentioned that the water-cooled diesel engine air-cooling system can be applied to stationary diesel engines, especially engines used to generate electric power for residential areas.

Al-Amarah University College



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